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For those of you with a challenged attention span I am giving this salacious sludge, staring the stammering savant (Woody Allen) 1/2 star. Mr. Allen has gifted his legacy to actor/writer/director John Turturro. “Fading Gigolo” is a pathetic scenario revolving around an inventive florist “Fioravante” (Turturro), financially destitute, who allows himself to be conscripted into male prostitution by his friend and ex -business associate “Murray” (Allen). What transpires is alarmingly ludicrous and embarrassingly vulgar.

A parade of frustrated “clients” depicted by actors Sharon Stone (Murray’s dermatologist), Sofia Vergara (a dominatrix of sorts) and widow “Avigal”, (Vanessa Paradis),the only character who earns a modicum of empathy; pitiful interpretation of the world’s oldest profession.

It is also extremely problematic that Mr. Allen’s psychological angst against his heritage, is now being exploited and propagandized by a younger generation. Fortunately “Fading Gigolo” will appeal to a miniscule audience and will precipitously be relegated to “spam “ or more appropriately, “trash”!

1/2 STAR


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  1. Your first 1/2 star, Peneflix! ( that I can recall). It seems from reading your review that it is time for Mr Allen to retire, his talent is fading rapidly, your review is a perfect example!
    It is always fun to read your insightful reviews, they are the best!

    • You are the best!!!! Thanks, P.

      Actually I gave “Sex and the City 2” and “Only God Forgives” 0 Stars! You’re correct about 1/2!

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