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Tom Hardy as “Ivan Locke” gives one the most remarkable,  profound performances I have ever seen; breathtakingly poignant, his mellifluous, honey-infused Welsh accent, carries the film through travesties and pain; never suffering a loss of control; his universe crumbles as he refuses to be deterred from his mission.

Written and directed by Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”), this brilliant, poetic tale of accountability will shatter you to the core; an average man, a good man, devoted husband and father, makes one mistake; his world is bifurcated forever. In eighty-five minutes the life of this construction manager is splayed upon the screen; Ivan, behind the wheel of his car, driving at night to London; he speaks on his mobile to those who inform his existence; his face, cadence of his voice, test the  limits of viewers sensitivities; a timely tragedy, with Shakespearean overtones; one bleeds for this unfortunate man.

Tom Hardy amazingly excavates his fathomless emotional reserves and gifts audiences a portrait of a man determined to do the right thing, regardless of the catastrophic consequences.



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  1. At first, I thought John Locke? Could this be? Finally, a movie, whose teeth get into us.

  2. Jackie Brandstein

    Penelope – You were so right!!! An absolutely riveting performance!

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