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Taylor Swift, 33 years old, 5’11, more than a Brand, Meme, is a contemporary, effulgent, Megastar; her palpable, preeminent genius in composing, singing, dancing, instrumentalist, transcends the anticipated, soaring into a “Swift” realm, unimaginable, indescribable to a seasoned adult who, apart from her name, was startlingly innocent of her heuristic acuity. More than a film, concert, the Eras (an epoch) tour resonates with Swift’s sharing her history, slights, tributes, unabashedly, undaunted and unrepentant, her lyrics reflect a courageous, honest, appraisal of her life, sprinkled with sincerest praise for those providing the ladder for her meteoric climb. 

SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California (over 70,000 seats) is the glittering, crowd- infested venue for an extravaganza, unlikely to be duplicated; rapt, worshipful fans, gift Taylor’s performance a sense of noisy spirituality; with the aid of galvanized technology, each sequence, populated with a myriad of skilled performers, dazzles with its ingenuity, confounds with its complexities, stuns with its innovative conceptions.

Awash in metallic finery, Christian Louboutin boots, and matching microphones she flirts, never taunting, a previously seduced audience; with a “ship launching” countenance, jaw-dropping vitality, an aura of sophistication cloaked in the purity of innocence, Taylor Swift oozes with glorified goodness, insightful inclusiveness and a virtuosity kissed by the gods.



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