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A “runner”, reminiscent of a broker’s employee, delivering a market order to the broker’s floor trader; once delivered, order executed, the runner runs, and confirms the completion, to the trader. Runners are sinking towards obsolesce, replaced by an electronic platform. Wish this film suffered the same fate before being splayed on the big screen; dumped unceremoniously on a naive, unsuspecting audience.

“Runner Runner” redolent with predictable, nonsensical, inconsequential ruses, squandering the talents of Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake; metaphorically imprisoned, bound in the luscious confines of Costa Rica. “Richie” (Timberlake), a Princeton graduate student, gambling prolifically online, to pay his tuition; accuses “Ivan” (Affleck) of cheating;  Ivan, the kingpin of a mega casino and online gambling syndicate, with the “keep your enemies close mentality” hires Richie as his  “runner”, lackey, sycophant; overseer of the casinos. Timberlake, with his jejune facade cannot portray, project toughness or fear in his role of arm -twister. Affleck, sporting a stubbly countenance, runs the emotional gamut from A- B. Interestingly, both good looking- actors, do not physically fit the profiles of menacing mendicants.

Director Brad Furman’s “Runner Runner” never thrills, engages or entertains; just ignites and makes a runner of all its victims.


For Now………..Peneflix

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