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There is nothing more gratifying and satiatingly satisfying than witnessing an original and brilliantly executed film. On every level Iciar Bollain’s “Even the Rain” is saturated with ingenuity, creativity, historical and religious accuracies and ambiguities . It is inventive, titillating, stimulating; the bombardment of complexities,  witnessing the “filming” of a film, every thought kidnapped and held breathlessly and explosively captive, at times wishing for a respite, pressing “pause”, masticating one emotionally debilitating and enlightening scene after another, then replaying it until it culminates and completes its digestive process. 

“Even The Rain” compels, challenges the viewer to question the the quest, colonization of the “new world” by the Spanish led by the lionized Christopher Columbus; whose thirst for the Midas of metals, gold, enslaves the indigenous population of (Bolivia) demanding at the risk of dismemberment, that each man, woman and child fill a bell with the divine dust. We see the recruitment of the cast, headed by activist Daniel (assiduously performed by Juan Carlos Aduviri); in the film he revolts against the Spanish and their God; while off the set he leads a rebellion against the government that charges a fee for “water”, even that which plummets form the sky.  Centuries not withstanding we watch the redundancy of history, pointlessly, frustratingly mimicking itself.

The “true grit” of the movie lies in the relationship between the idealistic director Sebastian (Gael Garcia Bernal’s rich, quiet, incredulous performance is a highlight) and realistic producer Costa (mesmerizingly depicted by Luis Tosar); one scene between the two men, bifurcated by the vicissitudes of filming in an atmosphere of anarchy, riots and mayhem, is so poetic, imbued with love, knowledge, kindness, an awakening; the ultimate testimony of pristine writing and celestial acting.

“Even The Rain” borders on greatness; exiting, pondering the myopic destructiveness, sterility  of proselytism, colonization; wondering if “water” is a privilege or a right?  Realizing dignity, integrity does not distinguish between the mighty and those who serve them, the financially solvent and the welfare recipient, the mentally blessed and academically deprived; inherent from conception in the spirit, in the soul. 

FOUR & 1/2 STARS!!!!

For Now…………Peneflix

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  1. Another excellent review Peneflix! I could not agree with you more, this is the best film I have seen in a long time, poignant, relevant and very well acted.
    Thank you for reviewing it, we need more films like this one!

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