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Hundreds entered, two emerged victorious: one garnished the two extra credit questions. Their names will be posted if permission is granted.

I felt the wrong “B” movie took the top Oscars (4 in total; tying with Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”); “Whiplash” receiving 3; J.K. Simmons, deservedly earning the “Best Supporting Actor”. With the exception of Patricia Arquette (Best Supporting Actress) Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” bombed at Sunday’s awards; I loved this subtly beautiful film, a film that captured and elevated “everyman”, 12 years in the lives of people we know, relate to; their accessibility, stunningly realistic and pure. “Birdman” “bludgeonly”  metaphoric, spoke to the tribulations, highs and lows informing an actor’s life, fickleness of fame; at the mercy or whim of a critic’s Herculean power to doom or zoom an actor’s career; grudgingly deserve congratulations.

Acceptance speeches were sensitive to the ills of the time;  writers of “Selma’s” song “Glory” winners of the “Original Song”, ranked as the most poignant, pivotal, gratifying speeches of the evening. Neil Patrick Harris, extremely self-assured as the host, either charmed or offended audiences with his parody of “Birdman”; his personal trainer earns monumental accolades.

Breathing easier, another year before the rise in blood pressure, heart-arresting palpations commence again, I must graciously thank all “Peneflix” Subscribers who entered the game, cheering or groaning as the winners grasped the gold; cloaked by your comaradie, shared delight in the electrifying, edifying essence of film; its iconic ability to transform, educate, elucidate, entertain; collectively basking in the “glory of it all”. 


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  1. Well that was fun, – sort of! I liked the show better than most, though even I as an early ‘Birdman’ supporter (I liked at lot more than you did) was gobsmacked by its dominance. Bravo Wes Anderson though! Surely a fist full of Oscars for ‘the Grand Budapest Hotel’ will help him to get the money he needs to make the films he wants to make for the foreseeable future, and isn’t that always the best Oscar result?

    As the show wore on I increasingly distracted by thinking that Michael Keaton better not get up on that stage with that gum! (rude and oafish of him to smack gum in front of millions of viewers like that, disgusting) Also disgusting was my own performance in the 55 percentile on Oscar picks, unprecedented for me in years and years of Oscar watching and totally the result of my paying too much attention to Oscar prognosticators.

    Good times! Thanks for all P.

    • Thanks Margot; I have heard that Keaton is a chain smoker; but he should not have been so visible; I always vote with my heart, hence “Boyhood”; Birdman was an “actor”s” flick; the academy related to this. Thank you for commenting, as a previous winner! P

      • A smoker, humm. Well, that explains everything. I wish I had know that before; certain as I am that Hollywood would never reward a heavy smoker for anything i would have voted Redmayne.

        (I jest!)

  2. I can’t find the results for peneflix’s Oscar contest, but if I am remembering correctly, I think I got 19 out of 24 correct. I really enjoyed the show, especially the musical performances, which usually are not one of my favorite segments. I love the “In Memoriam” segment as well. I so wanted Michael Keaton to win, but I am happy for Eddie Redmayne, who did an outstanding job as Stephen Hawking. I really loved the topical, political and gut-wrenching speeches by some of the winners. I paid attention to the Oscar “experts” as well, and though I mostly agreed with the picks, I also really like it when there are upsets. I love the whole awards season.
    I agree with Margot about Michael Keaton’s gum. Dude, eat some Altoids if you’re anxious. That smacking gum is this year’s Angelina’s leg, and will probably get its own Twitter feed.
    Thanks Peneflix for the contest. Win or lose, I always enjoy the chance to take part in the Oscar race.

    • Anita; posted a brief commentary this morning; there were two winners.
      Michael Keaton is supposedly a chain smoker; rather obnoxious to look at. Thanks for commenting! P

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