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If you can weather the profoundly profane opening scene, you’ll relish Jude Law’s lusciously entertaining characterization of a safecracker who has spent 12 years in jail for not “squealing” on his co- conspirators. Law gives his scintillating personal best as this grungy, witty, foul-mouthed ex-con; every sentence, sprinkled with nasty, at times poetic, epitaphs; he is the most likeable miscreant in recent film history.

Director Richard Shepard’s “Dom Hemingway”  is an unparalleled tour de force for Law, but also simmers with fine performances by Richard E. Grant, “Dickie” “Dom’s” partner in “unsafe”  deeds; Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”) Dom’s estranged daughter, “Evelyn”; Demian Bichir as “Mr. Fontaine”: suave, slippery, “mega-crimester” .

Dom’s journey is splintered by one epiphany after another; glimmers of light are precipitously squashed by booze, broads; insatiable quest for excess. Dom is incorrigible, negligent, an inebriated mess but periodically a streak of moral accountability rears its righteous head and with a dash of aplomb, he soars.



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  1. I really want to see Law attempting something like this. does the presence of Grant bring a Withnail-like sleeze to the proceedings r is that just an echo?

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