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A supercilious, insignificant, “like-infested” film about 30 -something’s with too much time on their hands;  not enough intellectual substance, just aimless individuals who have reached a hiatus, a cavernous lacuna that overwhelms them, stymieing their decision -making process or powers. Loss, love, grief are experienced by all; how you deal with the vicissitudes in life make you the person you are. Not holding my breath or anxiously anticipating the onset of maturity for these, not unlikeable, but far from galvanizing individuals.

Looking forward to this film because of its stars: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie Dewitt and Mark Duplass. Alas, a star can never (or hardly ever) transcend a poor script. This script reigns with the “impoverished of the impoverished”; in the running for first place with “The Color Wheel” (reviewed 6/24/12).

The title alone was a troublesome clue, foreshadowing a bland, uninteresting scenario; but optimism is my Achilles heel and I gave it a shot. On the plus side it is very short; fortuitously I only purchased a small popcorn and coke; so for a fraction over an hour I sipped, chewed and groaned through this supposedly unique love triangle. So regretted the temporary hiatus of my “Cassandra” gene.

To conclude, the sister’s sister never did appear and the audience is left “filling in the blanks”; in actuality a variation on a theme of complete, pristine blankness; reminiscent of the Black Hole where light does not enter or escape; with alacrity, glee and winged feet I made mine.

ONE & 3/4 STARS!

For Now…………..Peneflix

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  1. Why the extra quarter star ? 🙂

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