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Is an abomination, travesty, an insult to the craft of filmmaking and a humiliating example of a auteur (Woody Allen) gone amuck. Out of respect for my, if at times limited, but still viable insights; I am composing this review in 15 minutes (which is approximately 14 more than it deserves.)

1) All the men in the film are clones of “Woody Allen” at some point in his life.

2) All the women represent the “forbidden fruit” he has either owned or held in a time/share.

3) The blatant metaphors for “fame”, “misplaced adoration”, “insignificance of the adored”, “press power”; are bludgeoning at the Machiavellian, ad nauseam, level.

4) Puccini (“Tosca”), Leoncavallo (“Pagliacci”), Modugno (“Volare”) are fortunately not alive to witness the desecration, “drowning” of their masterpieces.

5) Rome did not deserve this, nor did the audience!


For Now………….Peneflix

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  1. I love your reviews. Keep them coming…and i couldn’t agree more with your review even though i only saw the trailor.

    • Most certainly had the “groan” factor! Sat with a friend who is a HUGE fan of Woody’s and she was dismayed! I havn’t liked him since he married his daughter! But judge each movie as a single entity! Thanks, P.

  2. This is one time I disagree with you. It wasn’t a great Woody Allen movie but it was very enjoyable. Some of the jokes were silly and there was exageration but we found it fun to watch. Sheila

  3. Once again

    You saved me 9 bucks 🙂

  4. Another comment from me, the one who liked the movie. The New York Times and the New Yorker magazine also liked the movie. To quote the New Yorker, the movie “is light and fast, with some of the sharpest dialogue and acting that he’s put on the screen in years.” Thanks for letting me have my say. Sheila

    • They might be “buddies” of Woody’s; hard to “trash” a friend. But each to their own! At my viewing people left>
      thank you always for your insights. P.

  5. You were right on the spot, Peneflix! As an Italian, having grown up listening to Italian music I agree with you that the best part of the film( and the only good one aside from the beautiful women) was the music!

    What a wasteful use of one of the most beautiful cities in the world!
    I found the film, and most of its actors ANNOYING! Throughout, I kept looking at my watch and only stayed to listen to “Volare” one more time.

    Penelope Cruz was terrific, as always!

    Thanks Peneflix for your insightful reviews. I still wanted to see the film and find out for myself how bad it was!

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