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Steven Soderbergh’s  intimate portrayal of the lives and performances of “male strippers’ was an enlightening, enticing slice of reality for this neophyte; knew they existed, gave them no thought;  realized for a certain segment of the female population they were a titillating source of entertainment. I was totally bamboozled, mesmerized and shamefully, overwhelmingly, enthralled with the scenario.

Matthew McConaughey is “Dallas” the owner and MC of Club Xquisite (Tampa, Florida); he slithers and shines as the sculpted, gyrating, teasing, tempestuous, seductor of the screaming, hyperventilating “ladies”; he ignites, and the rest of the “boys” feed their flaming fantasies. McConaughey (you either love or hate him; no middle, lackadaisical ground; I reside in the former) is flamboyant, stunning, slippery and sensational; his modulated, wickedly intoxicating, crooning voice, resulting in resuscitation of the worshipful.

Channing Tatum (who practiced “male stripping” in his juvenile, halcyon years) is incredible as “Mike”; proving once again he is not just a pretty face;  an acrobatic moonwalker, sensationally sexy; gifted as he glides, sinfully alluring; no woman immune to his aptitudes ; melting hearts, wilting limbs; he conquers while on stage, but painfully struggling, with his unrequited dreams, when he exits Club Xquisite.  

The success of the film resides in “Mike”, a good, likeable person; sensitive to the needs of “The Kid”  (Alex Pettyfer) a nineteen –year -old college dropout, living with his sister (Cody Horn). Mike’s decisions, oftentimes go astray, but his intentions are genuine and spring from the heart; there is something “magical” about his kindness, sense of humor, love of living and quest to design furniture, you care about him and root for his righteousness. Tatum’s performance is riveting and real.

Yes “Magic Mike” is raunchy, salacious, chimerical; not for the prudish or squeamish, but a jolly romp in a world few have trampled in; fun and exciting for those who have!

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!

For Now………..Peneflix

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  1. Whew!!! Can’t wait to see it…….

  2. Went with the girls last night; so much fun! Loved Channing and Matthew!

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