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Attention “Action Aficionados”! “War” is a breathless, intoxicating, swashbuckling ride of monumental gratification; in league with the “Matrix”, “Raiders” “Bourne” franchises; Bollywood knows how to capitalize on the “thrill factor”: “Dhoom” and “Don” dynamically roar with excitement; “War” directed by Siddharth Anand, starring seasoned heartthrob Hrithik Roshan and relative newcomer Tiger Shroff (Jackie’s son) score in their excessively elegant martial arts, honed, pneumatic pectorals; chemistry throbs between mentor (Roshan), “Khalid” and mentee (Shroff), “Kabir”; slayers of miscreants designed to cause havoc on India’s population; when Khalid goes rogue, Kabir is assigned his assassination.

“War” has it all: nefarious vs virtuous; levity vs gravity; buoyancy vs pessimism; enough twists to circumvent ennui;  epochal dancers, Roshan and Shroff dazzle with aerial dexterity, surpassing wildest assumptions.


Chases demanding fleetness of feet, adroitness behind the wheel; magical motorcycle moments; champion of all filmic feats, endurance and exhilaration beyond comprehension, is a twenty minute sequence in an airplane, mid-flight, that defies traditional norms of titillation and leaves one hyperventilating with awe.


“War” had the highest opening record in Bollywood history; a film worthy of visitation, universally.





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