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For over twenty years I have stalked the dimpled, Bollywood darling, actor Shah Rukh Khan; his reputation has infected screens worldwide, due in part to his total manifestation of characterization, his oeuvre knows no parameters: whether dandy or demon, villain or savior, his combustible, electrifying energy and the depth of his perspicacity has the power to convert even the most jaded viewer. Oftentimes comedy, dancing, singing is given short shrift by critics; Bollywood, because of its reverence and demand of multifaceted capabilities from its stars, honors them appropriately; Khan has won eight Filmfare Awards (mimics Academy Awards) for Best Actor: “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, “My Name is Khan”, “Chak De! India”, “Devdas”, resonate as deserved films.

“Jawan” should garnish him a ninth! After a four-year hiatus this devastating icon redolently, pungently, pulsates wizardry, whether dancing, slaying, acting he powerfully transcends all his preceding roles. Visually electrifying, gloriously embracing diverse landscapes, gifts goose-fleshed, stunning, kaleidoscopic action sequences. Messages about egregious wrongs perpetrated by the government against the populace are sagaciously enacted; romance is flavored with enticement, frostiness and inevitable fruition.

“King Khan” owns every titillating moment of “Jawan”, tantalizing audiences with its delicious, breath-depriving, circuitous twists, heists, thunderbolts, resulting in the purest form of celebrated entertainment. 



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