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Bollywood Goliath, Aamir Khan, stars in this 3-hour, monolithic saga, revolving around English/Indian travails in the late eighteenth, early nineteenth centuries; costing 200 crores (topping 2 billion dollars) the film is a total dud, and the worst movie Khan has ever made; his character “Firangi” weakly reminiscent of Johnny Depp’s in “Pirates of the Caribbean” is a conniving, duplicitous buffoon; his feckless loyalty goes to the highest bidder, swaying between Indian insurgent “Azaad”, (Amitabh Bachchan) and nasty British interloper “Lloyd Owen” (Hindi speaking, John Clive); he is revolting to watch, nauseatingly obsequious, an embarrassment to his fans; I rank as one of them; his fearlessness in tackling controversial topics: dyslexia, “Taare Zameen Par”; aliens, “PK”; Indians, besting the Brits in cricket, “Lagann”; captivating “Rang De Basanti”, youths, willingly sacrificing their lives for a cause. Countless greats must have clouded his judgment, causing a petit mal seizure, resulting in this abysmal waste of money, time and energy.


Plausibly worthwhile, are the choreographed battle and dance sequences (Khan can still strut his stuff) and female costars Fatima Sana Shaikh and Katrina Kaif add glamorous grit to an otherwise squandered afternoon!


ONE & 1/2 STARS!



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