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Bullets galore infuse this Bollywood tale of vengeance, loyalty, retribution and conflict between untoward government officials, the crime syndicate and vigilantes; never obfuscating or blurring the boundaries between the nefarious and the worthy, “Bullett Raja” is thick with assassinations, assignations, tipping the scales in melodrama and mayhem.

Saif Ali Khan, the least charismatic of the unrelated Khan’s is “Raja”; muscled, mean, vindictive in eliminating the scum of Mumbai; saved from total robotic emptiness, by his devotion to his partner “Rudra” (Jimmy Shergill) and “Mitaali” (dimensionless depiction by Sonakshi Sinha); their titillating dance sequences inflame finesse and magic into an otherwise uncreative, dull scenario.

Talented Ravi Kishan as “Sumer”, a gangster disguised in drag, adds levity, comic relief and a desired hiatus from the ponderous plot. The film would have fared better with more focus on this unique and hilarious character.

Raja is a composite of “Rambo”, “The Terminator” and “Robin Hood”; his prime distinction, when not felling the wicked:  singing and dancing with the  “vocals” and dexterity of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire; Hollywood has yet to blend the musical with the super-slayer, heroic megastar.

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!

For Now………..Peneflix

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