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The dimpled -duo (Ayushmann Khurrana and Sonam Kapoor) cannot salvage this soulless, simple scenario about twenty-first century relationships; “Mohit” (Khurrana) struggles with joblessness  (if explored, could have been immensely intriguing) and “Maya” (Kapoor) his fiancé is financially accommodating until their partying ways become too much of an embarrassment for both “parties”.

Skimpy comic relief is provided by Maya’s retired father “V.K.Sehgal” (annoying, bumbling effort by Rishi Kapoor) who is looking for a son-in-law to play with rather than one worthy of his daughter. He is perpetually referring to the fated couple as “Romeo” and “Juliet” ; stratospherically inept in deciphering Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy: Romeo and Juliet were teenagers, their families were enemies; ultimate suicides: Maya and Mohit, are adults, no family except for the grumbling curmudgeon, V.K.; their stars were meant to cross, marry and create a plethora of “M. & “M.’s”.

“Bewakoofiyaan” , loosely translated as “stupidities” was most likely coined by the producers, after the final screening.

ONE & 1/2 STARS!


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