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Once again February has shed prominence on the stars, movies and those behind the scenes. This year is the most difficult, challenging to date, due to the range and diversity of the films and nominees. I feel there should be separate categories for drama and comedy. I also question “Roma” being in “Best Movie” and best “Foreign Film” categories. Every critic feels they are correct in their assumptions as to whom should claim the “gold guy.” I am no exception, but avoid the “odds” and instead of who Will win, I vote for who Should win. So I am easily bested every year. It is simple to enter; just follow these rules:

1. You must be a Subscriber to Peneflix.

2. You may ONLY enter once.

3. Every answer must be correct.

4. Answer ONLY the categories I have selected.

5. The contest closes midnight, Friday, February 22nd.


The winner or winners will receive a $150.00 gift certificate to the theater chain of their choice.

A $50.00 Bonus for anyone who gets the Best Film and how many awards it will win!


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