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Director Viktor Kossakovsky’s bludgeoning, bombastic documentary on man’s insignificance, is eighty-nine minutes of terrifying, unpredicted, uncontrolled, volcanic implosions; massive tons of icebergs, cascading regally into nothingness; from Russia’s Lake Baikal, where vehicles are swallowed greedily by thinly, lethally veiled lakes and rivers, to Venezuela’s Angel Falls and the bewitching hurricane “Irma” redesigning Miami’s thoroughfares; compelling, haunting cacophony of thunderous, belching organic terrain as it surrenders to rising temperatures and ultimate erasure; achingly beautiful landscapes/towns, felled before our eyes.

A film without words, pedantic lectures, just a biography of nature’s whims; accompanied by the heavy metal Finnish band, Apocalyptica; in tandem, the filmmaking and soundtrack stun with a language of watery devastation.

“Aquarela” leaves no doubt, that despite technology, scientific advances, nature will not relinquish its totalitarian dictatorship over mankind.


THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!



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