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Gratuitous gore, guts and inhumaneness inform the premise of writer/director Goran Stolevski’s film, located in 19th century Macedonia; witches, lusting after the blood of newborns, muting infants; girls are the ultimate prey, transformed into cannibals, they mutilate with impunity, slaughtering for revenge, power; anthropophagites devouring each other, only to become the devoured; savagery stars in this baseless thriller; identity wallows in debasement of fellow, supposed, human beings; two-legged creatures, without reason, that descend limitless leagues beneath the animal kingdom.  

Incomprehensible, that actor Noomi Rapace lent her reputation to this detritus; even more baffling is why I stayed until the final anguishing second; and I wasn’t “alone”, at least twenty other victims lingered in limbo, dumbfounded by the worthless, wasted 1h 48m. 



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