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Our priorities and expectations have been seriously transformed; this applies to home entertainment; what, in the past, was instantaneously dismissed, now is given more license, case in point, is director Danis Tanovic’s, “The Postcard Killings”, starring dimpled Jeffrey Dean Morgan as “Jacob Kanon” a New York detective whose daughter and son-in-law have been grotesquely slaughtered in London; the slayers send postcards to journalists forecasting their upcoming targets and another when the sacrifice is satiated; artistically manipulated to resemble iconic masterpieces, starring in Europe’s classical museums; creative premise, its effervescence lies solely in Morgan’s hefty performance, joining forces with law enforcement in London, Munich, eventually Stockholm, where the only titillating twist occurs.

Based on a novel by James Patterson in collaboration with Swedish crime novelist Lisa Marklund, “The Postcard Killings” sluggishly grunts to its appropriate conclusion, briefly eliminating the ennui of a lethargic afternoon.



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