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In 1994, San Antonio, Texas 13-year-old Nicholas Barclay disappears, vanishes without a trace; he is blond, blue-eyed, incorrigible, loveably irritating, a bane to his mother and older brother; his sister Carey Gibson, for years, grieves and searches, for her younger, painfully- missed sibling. Almost three and a half years later he surfaces in Linares, Spain.

“The Imposter” is an excellent documentary that should be seen for its mesmerizing, psychological analogies; a major news story in 1997, the scenario commences with heart-wrenching testimonials from family members, and a grown-up, dark-skinned “Nicholas”.

It is impossible to dissect “The Imposter” without revealing salient aspects of the unfolding, unbelievable progression from myopic faith to bludgeoning, horrific reality. Here is a study of the fragility, vulnerability of human nature; the vanishing of a loved one, resulting in a life of perpetual torture, the Hades, purgatory of never knowing; a life devoid of closure, incapable of healing;  a wound that oozes unremitting anguish. The power of the unconscious and conscious mind; stunning, alchemical ability to accept the inconceivable. In tandem, an investigation of a gifted chameleon, a magician, Merlin of obfuscation, potently altering, poisoning lives one lie at a time.

Long after the credits concluded I sat frozen, wondering how and why this tragedy, travesty occurred; questions unanswered, but cognizant “but for the grace of God”  I will never feel the agony of a family ripped asunder, vivisected forever from normalcy; you ache for them, pray for them.

THREE & 1/2 STARS!!!

For Now……….Peneflix  

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