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The Heat Movie Review

“The Heat” is simple, non-threatening entertainment; a light-hearted hiatus from dark, disturbing, alien, neck-chomping, aerial creatures; traumatic, post- apocalyptic fare that has invaded, monopolized today’s movie houses.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have an on-screen chemistry that has bled into their off-screen relationship (female version, reminiscent of Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson partnership); they depict FBI agent “Sarah Ashburn” (Bullock) and Boston cop “Shannon Mullins” (McCarthy). Their shenanigans, redolent of slapstick “Laurel and Hardy”, provide some hilarious, oftentimes predictable outcomes, in their quest to incarcerate the nefarious.

It is Melissa McCarthy and her Shakespearian comedic genius that gifts “The Heat” its worthiness; she imbues her character with a legitimacy well-beyond the norm and anticipated. Her corpulence is comforting, not repulsive; her  powerful, pungent poundage, informed with immeasurable integrity; her four-letter expletives, lacking salaciousness, cruelty, are delivered with an underlying humor, poignant, caustic wit; she is remarkable, mesmerizing, a force to be heralded, treasured, nurtured; and reason enough to visit, bask in the mindless, guileless warmth of “The Heat”!


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  1. I always did like Ms. McCarthy. Thanks for the review!

  2. I always did like Ms. McCarthy. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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