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Many remember the days of riots and ruination; 1968, the Democratic Convention in Chicago gave birth to the “Chicago 7”, “Weatherman” “Weather Underground”, “Revolutionary Youth Movement”; sad, delusional, debilitating time when young people worldwide violently protested America’s involvement in Vietnam; a war that altered America forever; creating the division between modern and post modern society; people of promise, jailed or living lives of manufactured identities.

“The Company You Keep” focuses on these ageing anarchists, shedding phony facades, examining former ideals, passions, convictions, thirty- plus- years after these catastrophic events. Robert Redford, at seventy-six, is a wonder; his craggy, still handsome face is a roadmap of memories; physically fit, jogs with the agility, dexterity of an athlete half his age. As  “Jim Grant” a pseudonym he elected after his halcyon, revolutionary days; he practices law while trying to raise his eleven-year-old daughter (requires an imaginary leap); his charade, unmasked by reporter “Ben Shepard” (capable performance by bearded Shia LaBeouf); Jim flees, searching for the one person who can validate his innocence of a decades old robbery and murder, an ex-lover and former weatherman, “Mimi” (Julie Christi,  miraculously  defies the vicissitudes of age). Hence, the chase commences: the FBI, reporters, former radicals living productive, mundane existences, unearthed; all spewing liberal and conservative platitudes; the audience is subjected to nauseating political correctness.

Redford’s valiant effort to produce a thriller from the novel by Neil Gordon, lacks the intellectual helium to soar; listless, stale, wizened reminders of time’s destined role to bestow perspective, wisdom, eventual oblivion.


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  1. E
    P, thanks for review, as always…well written and educational. Would not see the movie to relive those tumultuous times. Especially, when our cousin Richard was injured!! 🙁

    • Yes way to “raw” to be reminded of those times; never dreamed we would be in a world of suicide bombers, indiscriminate carnage, fear for the future of the US. Thanks, dear Sheila! P.

  2. I still can’t figure out how the college aged daughter figures into the age equation.

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