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THE BIKERIDERS (in theatres)

Living in an urban environment saturated with a legitimate economy, hospitals, all levels of education, schooling those from pre-stage through PH.D’s; thriving residences populated by tax- paying individuals, everything for every need, EXCEPT the constant, plaguing of cacophonous, traumatic, worthless motorcyclists whose sole purpose is to disturb the peace; detestable, disenfranchised, aliens “Bikeriders”; a culture totally incomprehensible (although there are valid exceptions). I mistakenly visited this film to peel away layers of supposed misguided prejudice. Alas, it only deepened, enhanced my perceptions.

Based on Danny Lyon’s 1968 photo book director/writer Jeff Nichols and a prodigious cast paint a realistic portrait of a 1960’s Chicago Gang (Vandals) causing pain and havoc in their every wake; while not terrifying locals with their loud and excessive noise, they while away the hours drinking, snorting and pounding the flesh of other bikers; for all their bravado, addiction to riding, they are a morbidly sad and depressing lot. Led by “Johnny” (always a profound Tom Hardy), his sycophant “Benny” (effulgent, Austin Butler) moody, brilliant in his lack of transparency; his wife “Kathy” (Jodi Comer is miraculous and reigns over the entire production) is as mystified by this lonely, emotionless rider as are all the gang members.

Striving for romanticism “The Bikeriders” instead of unwarranted heroes, are pathetic outliers, low level wage earners, never to emulate, and perpetually avoid.

TWO &1/2 STARS!!


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