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Over the last few days I have been overwhelmed by your comments on my site, email, verbally; regarding my post of July 21st; the supreme tragedy is that it should never been written; the events in Aurora, Colorado should not have occurred; so many lives, families, shattered, fractured for eternity, should still be peacefully intact. Young people of promise erased before their prime, their families holding vigils, agonizing the senselessness,  perpetrated by a madman.

May healing commence, and the scars remind us of what we as a nation have endured, but not determine our future, or how we choose to live the remainder of our days.

My Gratitude, P.

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  1. As one of your Colorado fans, I truly appreciate your comments. A mass murder anywhere on the planet affects all of us. This one, occurring in my adopted sunny, “happy” state, hits me and those of us who live in and love the state of Colorado, in a visceral and painful way. We are tough people here. We survived Columbine and we will survive this madman as well. I deeply admire the victims and family members of those killed or injured who appeared in court today and faced down the perpetrator. They summoned up great courage and were able to stare him down and bear witness. Pray for these families. They will need all the help you can give them in order to heal and go on. Penelope. again, thank your for your prayer.

    • Yes, your adopted state has had its share of lunatics; is it in the air? I have always thrived on pollution>

      Hope the “joy” of the wedding is still lingering! heard it was incredible! P.

  2. You hit the nail on the head.Your words expressed all of our thoughts . We went to a film Satuday night in Evanston.Very few people were there. Not surprised but sad. Keep giving your fabulous reviews and interpretations of film.

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