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This worthless piece of Bollywood drivel is an embarrassment to the India film world,  a huge waste of good actors talents; an unforgiveable, monumental insult to the Indian people.

The premise that all men are feckless, cheating Lotharios; their wives clueless, brainless beauties, whose days are spent in shopping malls or filing their nails, waiting witlessly, aimlessly for the hours to pass so they can once again bask in the aura of their characterless, demanding, oftentimes fawning husbands. This sophomoric, inane scenario reaches for and surpasses the regurgitation level.

Akshay Kumar is Kishan (pathetic avatar of Lord Krishna) playing the flute, Krishna’s instrument of choice and a symbol of freedom (Pranava). He sleuths, wearing a hat, waving his flute, the salvation of delusional wives and the damnation of their meaningless mates. The multi- talented Kumar, a Bollywood icon, struts his stuff, and is howling (hopefully with a touch of guilt) as the rupees flood his bank account.

Sonam Kapoor (“Aisha”) is Sanjana the gorgeous, naive, deceived wife of Raj (Bobby Deol); she puckers, pouts, prances and pines while the flute- wielding Kishan, flays layers of falsehood, from the devious, deceitful, disgraceful, eventually reformed, devoted Raj.

There are two other couples sculpted in the same vapid, superficial, one-dimensional mold; spewing volumes of inept, trite, platitudinous prattle.

If only Lord Krishna’s melodious, magical flute could have freed the few foolish, optimistic mortals who admire the Bollywood genre, this torturous, torpid two hour, thankless slice of insignificance.

ONE STAR! (Reluctantly bestowed because of the dance sequences.)

For Now…………Peneflix

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