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There are limited times when rules have to be broken; I never read another critic’s movie review until I post mine; but while watching “Star Trek Into the Darkness” I realized that I was totally ignorant, a pure neophyte, incapable of enjoying the Star Trek genre (admittedly, I never watched the television show nor the prior films); I felt absolutely nothing except  undiluted, unadulterated  boredom. Unlike so many of my friends I lack the talent of being able to sleep, enter the comatose zone when interest takes flight. I surreptitiously, clandestinely studied my fellow enrapt attendees and knew I needed enlightenment.

After reading a myriad of positive comments by diverse critics and being a “glass – half -full” person; went through the cerebral gymnastics of finding the worthwhile in “Star Trek into the Darkness” :

1.) The digital landscape was worthy of a planetarium installation.

2.) The actors were good-looking, with the athletic agility of long distance runners.

3.) Benedict Cumberbatch as the villainous “Khan” was intriguing.

On the flip side:

1.) The script was infused with inane platitudes.

2.) The females, with multiple degrees, were disguised as mini-skirted Barbie dolls.

3.) If this is the state of the world in 2059, I relinquish my spot on the cryogenics list.

“Star Trek” commenced and concluded in “darkness”.


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  1. I enjoy your reviews and read them all, but loved this one. Sad to say, that our son and his wife really liked it. If I do see it, I will probably agree with you.

  2. I can’t agree about mini-skirted Uhura; with forth star Zoe Saldana fighting and figuring stuff out. I’m with the Scotty character in the first Abrams Star Trek movie “I like this ship, it’s exciting”.

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