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Commencing with Covid cauterization, cultural sterilization, forced isolation, the film world refused to be stymied, fostering escapism, so divinely pristine, our sensibilities are satiated within the hallowed walls of our domiciles. Still frequenting theatres but gorging on the fodder bountifully served 24/7 on a myriad of streaming devices:


“WAR SAILOR“, depicts the lives, of two Norwegian merchant sailors, friends whose lives are bifurcated in this intense, intimate (based on a true story) film; it is sad, compelling, slips frequently into melancholy but hauntingly, harrowingly portrays the “fickleness of fate.”        THREE &1/2 STARS!!!!

“THE NIGHT AGENT“, is surprisingly addictive; an action series of depth starring Gabriel Basso as “Peter Sutherland” (Agent) and Luciane Buchanan as “Rose Larkin” the not so distressed “damsel in distress”; of searing interest is Hong Chau as “Diane Farr”, the President’s Chief of Staff. The “twists” are “legit” and “tweaks” keep you in suspended disbelief. FOUR STARS!!!!

“THE GLORY” is a stunning example of “revenge served cold.” A Korean series focusing on bullying at the stratospheric level; heinous evil perpetrated by a beautiful sociopath (Lim Ji-yeon, “Park Yeon-jin” on victim “Moon Dong”, mega Korean actress Song Hye-kyo); intransigent in her quest for retribution for high school atrocities, twenty years in abeyance, she strikes with vitriolic vengeance, intelligence and tenacity. FOUR STARS!!!!

“THE STRAYS” is a placid imitation of “Get Out” (which is innovatively preeminent); a woman hides from progeny of her past only to be traumatized when they resurface in the present. TWO STARS!!


“VIENNA BLOOD” (Previously reviewed) is a favorite of mine. Vienna in the 1900’s where Jewish doctor “Max Liebermann” (impeccably gorgeous Matthew Beard) a Freudian psychiatrist teams up with “Detective Oskar Rheinhardt” (Juergen Maurer). Solving crimes, the old-fashioned way with brains and deductive reasoning. FOUR STARS!!!!

Flicks to skip….

“DAISY JONES & THE SIX”, sickeningly sophomoric and miscast.

“THE CONSULTANT”, prodigious actor Christof Waltz, should have passed on a character not worthy of an ounce of consideration.


“MADOFF: THE MONSTER OF WALL STREET” is the finest production of all the Madoff chronicled examinations of a man who fraudulently soared and ruined the lives of countless; primarily the story of a Jewish man who tragically turned his venomous madness, evil on his own people. FIVE STARS!!!!!


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