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An abusive, egregious example of “poetic license” gone awry, a freefall of intense mediocrity; an embarrassment for two Academy Award winning actors: Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway as one-dimensional, divorced parents of an astrologically gifted son “Patrick” (Rafael Sayegh) who scripts the killing of his wretched stepfather “Frank” (Jason Clarke) from his wizardly computer. Commencing with unsubtle, unsuccessful, plagiaristic references to Moby Dick/Captain Ahab/Queequeg.  The setting is “Plymouth Island” a metaphorical place where everyone knows everything and nothing simultaneously.


Director Steven Knight who gave us heralded greats, “Locke”, “Eastern Promises”, “Dirty Pretty Things” and the remarkable British television series “Peaky Blinders” ignored his honored muses, went rogue, had a petit mal seizure and cursed viewers, with anything/everything but “Serenity”.



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  1. As always a wonderful review. I love that you hold no punches when something (like this one) deserves to be punished. So disappointing from the same Director from the outstanding “Peaky Blinders”! Thank you, Peneflix!

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