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Anyone who has had their first brush with adolescence has fantasized about the perfect partner; the one who completes the puzzle, the conundrum that is “you”; conforms to your ideal; meets and exceeds all your expectations; plainly put, the “love of your life.”

“Ruby Sparks” is one of the most compelling, enchanting films of the summer. Created by, and starring Zoe Kazan (“Ruby”), a gifted young woman with an enviable imagination, celestial blue eyes. Ruby’s ethereal, luminescent, stunning as the sprite who morphs from the pages of novelist “Calvin” (Paul Dano); a prodigy, who has been wandering in a desert of “wordless” uncertainty. Dano’s performance is galvanizing and vulnerable, simultaneously.

I was ambushed emotionally, psychologically, intellectually from the first scene; a lonely, uninspired “genius”, Calvin searches for answers on the couch of physiatrist,  Dr. Rosenthal , (a small, Freudian role by a wonderfully ageing Elliott Gould); he gives Calvin an assignment and “Ruby” bursts forth, his “Venus”, slaughtering writers- block, solitude; loving without boundaries, restrictions.  Calvin, a contemporary Pygmalion, with language, sculpts his muse; her lineage, her moods, accomplishments, all that she is, at his creative whim.

“Ruby Sparks” speaks in a myriad of tongues; the simplistic turns complex; enchantment births disenchantment; the adage “be careful what you wish for, …” becomes imperturbable, deleterious.

“Ruby Sparks” is an eloquent, romantic comedy with exhilarating depth; scrutinizing the pathos, turbulence of relationships. How often have we said “if only” he/she were: taller, thinner, brighter, did not snore, smoke, leave hair in the sink, the lights on, interrupt, clean up, etc. If only he/she liked opera/baseball, Indian/French cuisine, fiction/nonfiction; instead of questioning what’s missing, discover, unearth what’s there.

“Ruby Sparks” elucidates while entertaining, a dynamic duo; a film that surreptitiously enables the viewer to ponder, examine their relationships, exiting, asking not “what you can do for me, but what can I do for you?” 

“Ruby Sparks” is about freedom, acceptance; serving a tale of love as refreshing as the quietest breeze on a sweltering summer day!


For Now…………….Peneflix

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  1. What an inspiring review! Wish I could have gone to see it with you, Peneflix!

    Can’t wait to see RUBY SPARKS, we sure need an inspiring film this summer, and, it looks like this one is!

    Thank you Peneflix, can’t wait to see it and give it my 4 stars!!!

  2. Good morning, P.
    You know that I am not a movie goer. However, after reading you eloquent review, I will be put this moving on my list. Thank you, Sheila

  3. Absolutely loved Ruby! An enchanting film!
    Thanks for a great review, I agree with you, Peneflix!

  4. Loved this movie!

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