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At times, the best of intentions go oft astray, such is the case with Denzel Washington’s foray into today’s ambiguous legal milieu; he is a throwback to the world of Angela Davis, Artis Gilmore, James Baldwin; he is a righteous savant with principles intact, but flounders when his partner dies, and discovers the financial roots of his practice are made of clay. With trepidation, he joins the high-powered firm of “George Pierce” (likeable, Colin Farrell), proceeds to have an errant epiphany, imbibing in the fruits of ill-gotten gains.

Director/writer Dan Gilroy (“Nightcrawler”) elevates Roman to biblical status,  trying to inspire young would-be attorneys to a higher path; plummeting from his pinnacle only to rise again (Saul/Paul) as his vision clears and his mission prevails.

Mr. Washington’s portrayal has style, but falls short of stamina.





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