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“Freddie” (pulverizing performance by Park Ji-Min) at twenty-five decides to visit her birth country; adopted, raised and loved by a French couple, curiosity led her to Seoul for a two week vacation and unearthing her biological parents; uninformed in the Korean language she relies on a newfound friend “Tena” (Guka Han) as her translator, as her quest easily discovered her father; complications arise as communications and its obstacles stymie any emotional connection on her part, while her father, with alcohol’s aid, sinks into a blubbering, soulful mound of guilt. 

“Return to Seoul” is not an easy film and our “Freddie” is not always likable but director Davy Chou’s thought provoking, layer dissolving scenario gifts viewers an intelligent and subtlety complex and ultimately fascinating heroine. Freddie is an outlier, sexually vivacious, smart, controlling her destiny, blind as to where it will take her, fearless of its outcome, relentless as she ages, which makes her all the more captivating, compelling, memorable; a hiatus from mundane, with overwhelming, unexplored, marvelous potential.



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