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Priscilla (in theatres)

Priscilla Ann Wagner (b. May 24th, 1945); her biological father James Wagner, was killed in a plane crash shortly after her birth; she was raised by her mother Ann and stepfather Paul Beaulieu, an officer in the Air Force; the question will always niggle as to why her parents allowed her at the age of fourteen, to date a man 12 years her senior (especially a man of worshipful renown); Elvis Presley (1935-1977); even more troublesome is his attraction at 26 years of age to a freshman in high school? “Priscilla” (directed by Sofia Coppola) is the story of a child courted, groomed, transformed immaculately, in Pygmalion style, to this man’s concocted “ideal” of how a wife should look, act, and be totally subordinated to her “master”. Rather deplorable scenario.

Jacob Elordi as Elvis is a legitimate facsimile (try not to compare him to Austin Butler); a boy- child, surrounded by his contemporary sycophants, drinking Coca- Cola, playing the piano and popping pills with boring regularity. He and his herd define Priscilla’s existence; they travel in a pack, she unaware of the unnaturalness of this puerile behavior. 

Cailee Spaeny is a genuine replication of Priscilla; from the blind infatuation of a teenager, physical neglect from a skewered, sanctimonious, misguided zealot to eventual intimacy and motherhood, her emotional maturity unfortunately is sacrificed by her limited height, always being dwarfed by Elordi as Elvis; the disparity lends everlasting adolescence to Priscella Presley.



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