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The director, writers, producers must have suffered a meteoric meltdown to think that this sophomoric drivel qualifies as entertainment. An ageing, once renown soccer player, “George” (Gerard Butler) returns to a town of desperate housewives (Uma Thurman, Catherine Zeta Jones, Judy Greer), to reconnect with his ten-year-old son, “Lewis” (an enchanting Noah Lomax)) and ex-wife, “Stacie” (Jessica Biel). Predictability ensues: ups and downs of a father/son relationship; out-of-work George tackles the challenges of coaching a beleaguered, winless, little league soccer team, hoping to garnish the esteem and affection of Lewis (and still loved ex-wife, Stacie).

If the script would have stayed true to this saccharine scenario it might have been modestly successful; the only scenes of  value were on the soccer field and the discourse between Lewis, George and Stacie. Instead, the plot sinks into the salacious behavior of the “soccer moms”, beautiful, bored predators, praying on the uninitiated, primate; testing his off-the-field skills; George becomes a tool, a foil, lending supposed legitimacy to women devoid of morals or purpose; their “Stepford” vapidity render characterizations that are repugnant, pitifully embarrassing. It is a conundrum, anomaly as to why fine actors would sink to the level of shallow, superficial, chauvinistic roles.

ONE & 1/2 STARS!

For Now………Peneflix

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