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Director Joanna Rudnick’s remarkable iconoclastic commentary on traditional, expected norms of beauty: thin, waif-like, gauntly-chiseled countenances, leggy models who grace the covers of fashion magazines are replaced, shattered by the inimitable photographer Rick Guidotti who sees beyond the facade and unearths, brings forth the gorgeousness of those with physical aberrations; “disfigured” by Albinism, hypo –pigmentation, Sturge-Weber syndrome and chromosome 18 abnormalities;  children scarred by treatment they receive from the norm: parents who love or shun them, isolated or bullied by their peers, and the perpetual stares they are subjected to when not in the confines of their homes.

Guidotti’s world revolved around chic, glamorous  photography until he tired of the limited,  boring, predictable mold crafted by the ubiquitous fashion industry; his visionary inspiration commenced when he saw a luminous Albino teenager at a bus stop in New York City; globally, he sought out those snubbed, wrongfully persecuted, and miraculously his camera, like a wand, waves away the stigma and magically gifts courage, confidence and glory to his subjects; their differences, no longer a stain but a badge of beauty to be worn with pride.

The film at only thirty-one minutes is far too short (purposely leaving audiences craving for more) but stunning in its impact. Confucius believed “everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it”; Rick Guidotti’s  “eye” far exceeds the spectrum.



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