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MAXXXINE (in theatres)

The “Horror” genre is pungently, throbbingly alive! 

 “Le Manoir du Diable”, (“The House of the Devil”) mid-1890”s by Georges Milies, credited as the first horror film; now, in the 21st century one cannot escape its domination of multiplex theatres; not bothersome, and has held my movie appetite for spine-tingling titillation, since first exposed long ago. Never apologizing for its attraction, I have met fellow devotees of all ages, professions, in the least likely of places, but the most common, in late night lines at festivals.

Director, writer Ti West, is immersed, dominating the category of terrifying triumphs, with a splendid retro vibe. “Maxxxine” is the third of a scary scenario, commencing in 2022 with “X”. Women are vile villains, harbingers of wickedness, luminously cloaked in amenable, benign facades; no one seizes the abyss of iniquity more than actor Mia Goth; innocence erased by moral turpitude, lusciousness hiding a lascivious, black-hearted, corrupt core. Goth, heavily involved as a writer and producer, majestically soars in “Pearl” and “Maxxxine” ; “X” challenged her skill in a dual role, she superbly succeeds.

“Maxxxine Minx” (Goth) has the torrid past of a seasoned porn star in the 1980’s, Los Angles, (home of the Night Stalker); lusting for stardom she auditions for the horror film “The Puritan II” directed by “Elizabeth Bender” (a very cool, lengthy Elizabeth Debicki), winning the role is the commencement of her terrors, stalkers and nightmares of past frights. Plagued by slimy, sleazy “John Labat” (perfectly poisonous Kevin Bacon) Maxxxine refuses to be daunted resulting in an imaginative demise for slithery John.

The delightfully deceiving creative conclusion, gifts ultimate gratification.



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