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If you just want the review scroll down! I can take all sorts of license being the Founder, CEO, and CFO of Peneflix.

June is one of my favorite months: conclusion of the school year, commencement of summer and a celebration of my life. Decades ago I read that when you die you take with you the things you gave away while alive; this became my mantra; I wanted to leave this world with tankards, planes, trains following my funeral pyre. Loving the “loaves and fish” philosophy the more I receive the more I give away; a “thing” is a temporary loan, a bond and should not initiate too much sentiment or attachment.

Oh how I relish giving parties; nothing is more gratifying than having fun and sharing good times with people you care about. Fun comes in all forms so two days ago I had an event for many of my friends. A movie screening, followed by lunch. Everyone had to be at the theatre by 10:30 in the morning (a first for some); they were given popcorn, water and ballots with a “ thumbs up or thumbs down” logo; I collected the ballots after the film.

“Knight and Day” starring Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz was incredulously hilarious; some of us laughed until the tear ducts were dry and running mascara created clown like masks on perfectly powered cheeks; others groaned with the predictability and triteness of the dialogue.
One of my tragic flaws is a weakness for Tom Cruise. Since “ Risky Business” in 1983, “Born on the 4th of July” in 1989 (one of the most devastating heart- wrenching performances in the history of film), I have admired his courage, his fearlessness in avoiding the mundane, playing vampires, homosexuals, supermen. I like looking at him, knowing he does his own stunts, I like his smile that others taunt, his Mr. America physique, his inimitable sincerity in every role he immerses himself in. It is a flaw I am comfortable living with.
The successful pairing of Cruise and Diaz saved the movie from the ordinary and strangely half way through the viewing I found myself caring about Ray and June. Diaz is remarkable in conquering comedic roles (“There is Something about Mary”); she owns the best scene as the drugged (truth serum) June walking, talking and laughing through a sea of bullets.

The lunch was in a bowling alley: pizza, turkey and veggie sandwiches, salads, chicken nuggets, chocolate chip cookies. Deliciously caloric and fraught with trans fat, my favorite energizer. As I flitted from one synergistic group to another, filling beverage desires, listening to their reviews, opinions and wallowing in the laughter, gaiety so tangible it could be packaged, I was struck and frozen by a clairvoyant bolt; with the power and vision that one has but a few times in one’s life. All my stars, universe were in perfect alignment; I looked at these platinum people of all disciplines, ages, religions and race; and my mind with a pristine clarity screamed at perfect pitch THESE ARE MY FRIENDS! My heart inflated to the size of the Good Year Blimp and these and all others not present, rendered me the most exquisite happiness, a happiness that was virginal in its completeness.

The votes are counted and interesting enough “thumbs up” won by a “nose”! We took a hiatus from the serious lives we lead and for a few brief hours basked in the sunshine of a unique moment in time.

“Knight and Day” receives:

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!

The day itself, held all the stars in the firmament.

For Now……………Peneflix

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