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At times, a pungently preposterous premise, can momentarily, erase the ennui of monotony; especially in the third month of Covid incarceration. Director Vaughn Stein’s “Inheritance”, despite minimal sense and maximum implausibility, held my interest; performances by Lily Collins and Simon Pegg save viewers from a quagmire of anesthetized boredom. Lily, District Attorney “Lauren Monroe”, inherits a skimpy portion of her deceased father’s fortune and an app leading her to “Morgan Walker” (Pegg), submerged for thirty years in an underground burrow on the family’s country estate; their chilled conversations uncovering sordid secrets, eventually convincing Lily of their veracity, lend benign muscle to an otherwise predictable plot. 



“THE GREAT” surprisingly wonderful, blesses viewers with two performances worthy of Emmy’s; Elle Fanning’s stardom is at its pinnacle as nascent “Catherine the Great; it is Nicholas Hoult’s depiction of “Peter III” that is stratospherically stunning; his every expression, gesture, nuance embodies writer Tony McNamara’s comedic vision; unrivaled to date, an unforgettable, majestic rendition of a historical fop.


There are a plethora of legitimate performances, shedding authentic light on political, feminine forces in the 1970’s; Cate Blanchett astounds as Phyllis Schlafly, fighting with style, against the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment; her searing, suited interpretation is brilliant in its authoritative intensity!


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