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Emanating from the screen is a slice of poignant perfection, a rarity in the age of “Marvel Mania”; “Hearts Beat Loud” with tenderness and grace encompasses a father/daughter relationship; Nick Offerman and Kiersey Clemons as “Frank and Sam Fisher” glowingly, beautifully depict a unit built on trust, respect and a genuine pride in each other. Nick, a musician, whose light has dimmed, is closing his record shop; the last “purveyor of processed vinyl”, felled by digitalization; Sam, bright, a would-be medical student, is off to college at summer’s end, she is also blessed with a voice that can “rock the ages”; she and Nick formed “This Is Not a Band”, the trophy of their daily jam sessions.

Director Brett Haley has accomplished the remarkable, introducing characters eminently real, attuned to their inner selves and to those who inform their lives: Toni Collette, “Leslie”, Nick’s landlord, shines as a woman invested in Nick’s well-being; Ted Danson, “Dave”, wilted, reminiscent of an ageing “flower child”, Nick’s best friend from their halcyon years; Blyth Danner, “Marianne Fisher”, Nick’s mother, a charming kleptomaniac; Sasha Lane soars as “Rose”, an artist who is enraptured with Sam.

From its commencement “Hearts Beat Loud” spoke to my core, watered my eyes, thickened my throat, palpated my heart; there are those capable of loving without selfishness, but with penetrating, genuine, deep-seated, heartfelt humanity. I loved this movie!


FOUR & 1/2 STARS!!!!



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