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Certifiably, Isabelle Huppert, excels as a foremost actor of her generation; she has challenged the spectrum in “weird” (“The Piano Teacher”, “Elle”) but must have had a petit mal seizure accepting this half-witted, imbecilic role of a deviate stalker. Director Neil Jordan’s attempt at invigorating a stale theme, never inflates; fizzled initiative leaves viewers, at best bored; a mortal sin, worthy of the pangs of purgatory. Commencing with a lubricious premise, leaving a purse on a New York subway, luring a naïve, young woman to return it; implausibly “Frances” (Chloe Grace Moretz) a grieving waitress, sacrifices reason for doltish honesty; predictability reigns, forecasting poetic justice.

“Greta’s” (Huppert) only redeeming quality is the perky performance of Maika Monroe as Frances’s skeptical, sophisticated roommate, “Erica.”

If “stalker” is the “repas du jour” revisit “Play Misty For Me”, “Fatal Attraction”, “Cape Fear”, “Sleeping With the Enemy”, satiation, guaranteed.


ONE & 1/2 STARS!



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