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In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, New York, caught fire, 138 female workers were incinerated; 2016, the Rana factory, Bangladesh, collapsed, killing 1,138, primarily women workers; high-end fashion and its quest for inexpensive labor, hovers at the heart of these egregious wrongs; little has changed, unprotected by labor laws, these outrageous abuses are being catalogued by pivotal documentaries, YouTube videos and the media at large; they are eye-opening and making headway, albeit slowly, addressing the criminality behind the quest for cheap labor.

“Greed”, possibly the most tasteless, pejorative film in recent history; its goodwill mission is destroyed by its blatantly, one-sided depiction of a megalomaniac, self-made billionaire (Steve Coogan); aggressive, ambitious, obnoxious, using margin and unethical tactics to attain his goals; lacking subtlety, flagrant transparency, places viewers in the position of condoning a mauling murder. Irony gone, horrifically, awry.



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