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There is something unsettling, unnerving, unsatisfying in Lauren Greenfield’s documentary about how a few define themselves by their purchasing power; barely representing one percent of the universe, focusing on these limited individuals, vapidity resonates with each example: rapacious mother with her “JonBenet Ramsey” lookalike daughter; high definition plastic surgery, destroyed creation, manufactured plasticity; commodification of pornography; individuals cocooned in bubbles of consumerism: Florian Homm, a fraudulent investment banker; Jackie Siegel, “The Queen of Versailles”; teenagers raised in the 90210 region, Prada-clad, elective starvation, star-striving defines their days. Without elegance, refinement, these tasteless souls, with pneumatic cleavage, garish ostentation, reeking of sleazy showmanship substantiates that “all that glitters” is not gold, barely brass.

Captivating are Greenfield’s reflective insights into her own quest for a slimmer body, more things; her interviews with her parents are compellingly revealing, she was fortunate; subconsciously their values informed her own, lending keen clairvoyance to her photographic prowess.

“Generation Wealth” meanders, looses its way in a miasma of indeterminate goals. Someone once said “money doesn’t care who owns it”, “Generation Wealth” authenticates the adage a hundredfold.

TWO & 1/2 STARS!!


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