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Dimensionless days, no longer defined by obligations, just “long day’s journey into night”; director Sam Hargraves “Extraction” piqued my interest solely because of the title; the universe has been “extracted” from the known, mundane, minutia, parameters that delineate Sunday’s from Friday’s; “Extraction” takes viewers into the crime-infested world of Bangladeshi drug lords and the kidnapping of “Ovi” (Rudraksh Jaiswal) the twelve-year-old son of an imprisoned kingpin: enter Australian mercenary “Tyler Rake”, a tortured psyche, cavalier, killing-machine, depicted with distinction by hunky, handsome Chris Hemsworth (a major protagonist in the Marvel Mania clique; despite his obvious attributes, Hemsworth can act; 2013’s “Rush”, prime example); after the creative slaughter of the initial kidnappers, Rake and Ovi must avoid the armies of tainted law enforcement, mendacious teenagers, helicopter hellions; skilled camera work added to the heightened thrills and intensity of the rather beleaguered scenario; subplots erase pellucid predictability. 

It is Chris Hemsworth, the “Extractor” imbuing Tyler Rake with inimitable integrity, as a flawed but moral man, never compromising his mission, contract of returning Ovi to his family, that lends “watchability”, temporarily “extracting” the pervasive ennui defining our days.



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