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Watching warm, huggable, corpulent James Gandolfini, no longer in our midst, it was difficult not to weep as he so completely imbues “Albert”  with an innate sense of charm, humor; acceptance of his flaws, accomplished long before we meet him, he is guileless and capable of profound love and devotion; a man among men, one just has to look.

Writer/director Nicole Holofcener’s “Enough Said” focuses on individuals we’ve met, know and like; divorced, struggling with children, emerging from the chrysalis of adolescence into maturity; vicissitudes of mid-life dating, intimacy; shunning or embracing the annoying habits of partners; withering relationships, worthy of nurturing or cauterizing?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, as divorced massage therapist, “Eva” is impeccably natural as a woman frightened of loneliness, facing the loss of her college-bound daughter; recognizing the need for a “hobby” to replace the dictates of perpetual motherhood; she is funny and childlike in her familial and friend associations. The film is the story of Eva and Albert’s meeting, mutual attraction and the hiccups that occur along the way.

“Enough Said” is a gentle film, but broader in scope, retrospectively:  intangible role serendipity plays in one’s life; how progeny unfold totally disparate from the orchard that nursed them; primarily “tolerance” of the peccadilloes in loved ones; when to go to battle, when to rest on the sidelines; when a pyrrhic victory results in harmony and continued compatibility.

Dedicated to “Jim”, “Enough Said” is a tribute, a testimony to a kind, talented man; his fifty-one years were not lived in vein.


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  1. wow, what a great review

  2. Falstaff from Jersey! Ready to enjoy what sounds like a good meal of a movie….

  3. I’m SO happy you liked the movie. I see it on Friday night and can’t wait. I loved James and love Julia.
    Thank you!

  4. Terrific review. Can’t wait to see it.

  5. For a California movie, restrained and plausible. Haven’t felt this good after this kind of movie since(don’t laugh or groan)”Moonstruck”. That brunch scene….you know the one…!!!

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