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Skillful performances by Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves cannot save director/writer Victor Levin’s film from end-of-summer sludge;  “Lindsay” and “Frank” meet on their way to a destination wedding in San Luis Obispo, Ca. (the town deserves better); instantly established, is their acrimonious, rancorous, bond; poisonous, xenophobic barbs equivalently traded, permeate every verbal minute; ceaselessly talking, dynamiting viewers ability to make sense of their inordinate conjectures; unlike archival films of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn, Lindsay and Frank’s connection is irritating, cloying, annoying.

“Destination Wedding” has its moments, short-lived, but intelligently written and aptly depicted; might have had more potency on the stage; Woody Allen seems to be a shadow informing the narrative, especially in scenes of intimacy.

In brief (blessedly it was), this couple was “destined” for each other. Who else would have them?


TWO & 1/2 STARS!!



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