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The dashing, dimpled dandy with insouciant, uninhibited charm (Tomer Sisley) masking Shakespearian hubris, behind raffish, rascally wit; one dead wife who perpetually, deliciously, ghostly gives consul, another, a maniacal murderer, the mother of his baby daughter; his forensic genius, laced with aplomb, operates at the sharpest measure, with the aid of the murdered victims (whose dignification he champions) continuously titillating viewers.

Periodically, a fictional character seizes one’s imagination and claims permanent residency, I have a few: “House”, “Lucy”, “Morse”, “The Good Doctor” but there is a uniqueness, an impenetrable savoir faire about a man who navigates the corridors of crime, the scorched circles of hell, the daunting roads of perdition, and still lovingly languishes over a fresh croissant, a caressing breeze in an exotic convertible , finding levity and gaiety in the human condition; Raphael Balthazar is a man who commands our attention, respect, love and emulation; he makes us aware of the insignificance of daily travails that stymie our productivity and darken our mood; he survives the horrific, by never losing sight of the glory of a perfect day, enchantment of a cloudless, star-speckled night, the rewards of companionship, kindness and the capacity to rise above the abhorrent. He truly is a “being” of beauty, “a joy forever.”



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