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There were no winners in the peneflix competition but once again all contestants fared better than I.

Fighting the lethal and overwhelming tide of jet lag, Seth MacFarlane proved to be the perfect antibiotic, remedy for sleep starvation; his poise, charm, impeccable timing, dancing dexterity gifted the evening a refreshing splash of class, long missing in the presentation; reminiscent of the inimitable Bob Hope or Johnny Carson,  yet to be replaced as the masters, kings of Hollywood’s most iconic night of the year.

The evening, lathered in the style of the 40’s, shimmered in song and dance numbers performed stunningly by Hollywood’s consummate,  beautiful stars: leggy, lithesome Charlize Theron, Channing “Magic Mike” Tatum, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Daniel Radcliff,  Catherine Zeta Jones and the thrilling, nostalgic “The Way We Were” sung by Barbra Streisand as a tribute to deceased songwriter, Marvin Hamlisch, added frosting and panache to a memorable spectacle.

Interestingly, my usual groans as my selections were felled, were absent; genuinely satisfied with the academy’s choices; surprised as Jennifer Lawrence won the coveted Oscar for Best Actress (“Silver Linings Playbook”); many of you were wiser; “Argo” besting “Lincoln” as the favorite movie of the year; “Life of Pi’ garnishing the Best Director prize for Ang Lee; happiness, humility graced all the acceptance speeches.

A major disappointment: Anne Hathaway, stealing the statue from Helen Hunt (“The Sessions”); a celestial performance worthy of the gold.

A pervasive defect was the interminable, saccharine “Red Carpet”; ninety minutes of stupid, sputtering sycophancy; gagging, gushing, grueling inanity.

A friend recently told me that I “vote with my heart, instead of my gut”, the legitimate reason why my “win” record is so anemic; unfortunately, unable to separate the two, doubtful that the therapeutic process can cure my handicap, I will forge ahead, relishing the glory, uniqueness of actors imbued with the ability to entertain, hypnotize;  vanquishing blinders, educating viewers in the wonders, enchantments, even the deviousness of the human condition.

Those of you who entered the contest enhanced, added depth to the ceremony; my gratitude belongs to you.

For Now……….Peneflix

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  1. No mention of Ben Affleck.
    I thought he was terrific, all class.

  2. I was happy my pick for supporting male won. Christoph Waltz deserved it. Here’s to another year of engaging films. Thanks, P.

  3. There was one more mature, excellent female singer, and I can’t think of her name.

  4. A few “stick it in your eye” moments, but then that is Hollywood.
    The Show! You!…Classy and Clever My Peneflix!

  5. I thought it was the worst produced awards evening ever, thanks in large part to the emcee who was rude, mean, not funny, seemed oddly out of sync most of the time. And then he had to clap like a seal. I hope he is never heard from again, but we won’t be so fortunate. Captain Kirk did his best but….
    The awards themselves pretty much went to the right hands. understand the comment about Helen Hunt(loved that H&M!).
    I hope they fed Jennifer Lawrence and she didn’t get any spots on her princess gown. In closing, too many pale lips but Jessica Castain wore everyone’s lipstick I guess.

    • As some would say “that’s what makes markets”! Or one man’s pleasure is another’s torture.

      Love the foil: “Captain Kirk” but also felt Seth handled, with poise and equanimity, the majority of the show; rose above the mediocrity of the past decade. Mean and rude was Ricky Gervais (Golden Globe)!

      Your prescient comments, especially in referencing Jessica’s lipstick, are always appreciated!
      Thank you!!!!! P.

    • Tidbit: Ricky Gervais was the worst host in Oscar history; “King of mean and crude”! You make me think; that is a treasure. P.

  6. You’re right about Ricky. Seth gets the silver.
    Moving on.

  7. Thought Seth McFarlane was the best host in a long time. He was funny without being meanspirited like Ricky Gervais. The show moved along much better than usual with all the music and dance numbers.
    Penelope, I agree with you that Helen Hunt should have won and for best actress not supporting. It was a bigger role than supporting. Also, thought the woman in Amour was amazing and should have won.

    • We might be in the minority but he was entertaining! Go see “The Gatekeepers”; will be reviewing it in the next few days. Know you will let me know what you think. P.

  8. Welcome back, Penelope! It’s the first time we’ve ever watched the entire show. I guess that says something. There’s so much buzz about this year’s Oscars. This link is to today’s NY Times Arts section in case you missed it:

    • Thanks! Yes I did see the NYT article! Loved that the entire Geraghty family entered the contest: Kate was in the running the longest! I thought Seth was fantastic, with the exception of a few untoward or rauncy remarks, loved his charm, singing and dancing. I might be in the minority but after the last few hosts he was refreshing! Thanks again for commenting, P.

      • Hi Penelope! I came so close to winning the contest. I guess it’s because I’m living in Los Angeles now where all the movie action is! I’m enjoying your blog and always look forward to the contest. Maybe next year.

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