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Enchantment. Having been nurtured, commencing at birth, with an inbred love of mythology; demigods of supernatural, powerful, pungent positivity or daredevil, iconoclastic, detrimental negativity; there is no placid, imperturbable middle ground; weened on the hopes of a fairy tale, realized. Oh, and who has not wished for the magical “Genie in a Bottle”, granting three wishes? The fantastical appeals to all ages, demographics. Director George Miller’s (“Mad Max” legacy) “A Thousand Years of Longing” although flawed, touches the imaginative core hibernating in one’s soul. Highly intelligent and contented with her isolated existence, narratologist “Alithea Binnie” (remarkable Tilda Swinton) travels to Turkey and unearths the Gjinn (preeminent Idris Elba) from the proverbial bottle. Thus commences a fairy tale told by both Alithea and Gjinn; scenarios of pain, loss, imprisonment, ambitiously too lengthy, but in the telling, Gjinn ignites Alithea’s heart and embraces her three wishes.

Swinton and Elba, initially mismatched, find common ground in their character’s “longing”; longing for the unattainable reality; searching for their perfect pairing in compatibility, intelligence, respect, a forever love.

“A Thousand Years of Longing”, if you allow it, triggers the power of the mind to blossom, remember the moments of “splendor in the grass”, “glory in the flower” or envision a world where dreams really do come true.



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