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Monthly Archives: July 2024

MAXXXINE (in theatres)

The “Horror” genre is pungently, throbbingly alive!   “Le Manoir du Diable”, (“The House of the Devil”) mid-1890”s by Georges Milies, credited as the first horror film; now, in the 21st century one cannot escape its domination of multiplex theatres; not bothersome, and has held my movie appetite for spine-tingling titillation, since first exposed long ago. Never apologizing for its attraction, I …

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KILL (Hindi, English subtitles) in theatres

In my years, which are vast, of movie viewing, it is rare when I visit a film lacking an ounce of legitimacy, worthiness, or a solitary redemptive attribute. “Kill”, not only falling into a cavity of pointlessness but into a cesspool of gratuitous, savage, gore: cinematography embracing stabbed, sliced throats (women are not excluded) gorging guts, splayed up close and …

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Western movies have never been my favored genre but have experienced and relished the best: “True Grit”, “Shane”, “Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid”, “Blazing Saddles”, “Stagecoach”, “High Noon”, “The Magnificent Seven” and the 1991 Oscar winning “Dances with Wolves”, director Kevin Costner took home an Oscar for best director and the film won the best picture of the year. It was outstanding and secured Costner’s …

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