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Monthly Archives: June 2024

THE BIKERIDERS (in theatres)

Living in an urban environment saturated with a legitimate economy, hospitals, all levels of education, schooling those from pre-stage through PH.D’s; thriving residences populated by tax- paying individuals, everything for every need, EXCEPT the constant, plaguing of cacophonous, traumatic, worthless motorcyclists whose sole purpose is to disturb the peace; detestable, disenfranchised, aliens “Bikeriders”; a culture totally incomprehensible (although there are …

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TUESDAY “in theaters”

For those metaphorical souls and those who are not “Tuesday” is a sublime crash course, a treatise on dying and death; it is not sad or morbid it is just wise, realistic and beautiful. Out of the outrageous, stellar, fecund, fantastical mind of Croatian writer/director Daina Oniunas-Pusic comes a film reverberating with the solvency and depth of poets John Donne, …

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FIREBRAND (in theatres)

At times compelling, oftentimes confusing, generally entertaining if you put history aside and just go for theatricality, drama and scintillating intrigue. With an ending of outrageous possibilities. Brazilian director Karim Aïnouz tests his proficiency with a foreign scenario; the terminal days of Tudor King Henry VIII (1491-1547) and his sixth and final wife Katherine Parr (1512-1548). Acting transcends a vague …

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After close to a two-month hiatus from imbibing in the transformative realm of film I sat forlornly with one other individual watching a documentary of such magnitude and wonder that I wanted to scream in frustration at the lack of attendance; here is an atrocious, catastrophic, historical truth of the past that screechingly resonates today: antisemitism is vibrantly alive, pervasive, …

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