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Monthly Archives: March 2024


Liam Neeson shines like a well-polished antique, honed and seasoned, every wrinkle, a badge of glorification; with over a hundred films his 6’4 frame, and craggy countenance still kindle alarm in whomever he stalks; his presence, burnished style galvanized to impeccability in director Robert Lorenz’s “The Land of Saints and Sinners” as retired assassin “Finbar Murphy”, residing in a quiet …

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Roméo et Juliette Metropolitan Opera (in theatres)

Of all the times I have visited these star-crossed lovers, this Metropolitan Opera version distances every performance I have ever seen; maybe a lifetime must disappear before perfection is granted, achieved. Sitting in the theatre, knowing the outcome, I found myself fervently praying that timing would fortuitously bless this couple, so worthy of togetherness, charmed liveliness, granted the grace to …

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ONE LIFE (in theatres)

The Talmud (Sanhedrin 37a): “Whoever saves a single life is considered by scripture to have saved the world.” Director James Hawes introduces audiences to Sir Nicholas Winton (1909-2015), played with inimitable force by Anthony Hopkins, a man who saved 699 children from the incendiary clutches of the Holocaust. Johnny Flynn with iconic dignity depicts “Nicky” as a young stockbroker who …

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CABRINI (Italian & English) in theatres

In a century long ago, I attended a party, primarily of strangers; as we entered the venue, a person of renown was taped to our backs; we were required to give hints to other attendees as to the personage whose name they bore; it was a stunning way to make new comrades, but alas I never guessed who steadfastly remained …

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Surpassing the previous years in spades! Flawlessly groomed, styled, coiffured and glamorous presenters, nominees; absolutely absent, fashion flubs; Emma Stone’s sliding dress served as “Bella’s” redundancy, revealing no surprises. Jimmy Kimmel, as host, perfected his timing, eliminating blatant, below the belt sarcasms; but struck a humorous jab to the inimitable, predictable, brassy belligerence of D.T.; adding only humor, not “greatness” …

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MAGNIFICENT! Here is a film of such overwhelming beauty, strength, majesty nothing short of envy resonates for the mind behind the vision; director Denis Villeneuve focuses, with glorious acuity, on the science fiction novels of Frank Herbert (1920-1986), generating a reverence rarely visited upon the screen. As a neophyte and poorly schooled (by choice) in the realm of Jules Verne, …

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